Jason's Biography

Psychic Medium Jason Mcdonald was born in tropical Queensland Australia When Jason McDonald was just five years old a relative asked him to place his hand on her sore knee. After doing so, her knee felt better and Jason felt the discomfort of the sore knee in his body. He didn’t understand at that age the gift of healing and the sight of spirits he had been given. Jasons perants seen that he had a gift and as he got older his mother started training him to use his gifts of mediumship like her mother before her had done . after training with different mediums and shamans from Australia and around the world jason started to share his gift with people that crossed his path.

Jason McDonald is one of australias most active psychic mediums he has helped thousands of people around the world with his amazing ability to pass messages on to people from the spirit world. his knowledge of the aloha spirit from the beautiful islands of Hawaii has given him the name jason spirit the spirit whisperer many people that expiriance a demonstration of jasons ability can feel the love reaching out from the other side. Jason knows Hearing a message from the spirit world is a life changing experience. and often the messages inspier us to be aware that we are more then the physical body. Jason has been doing public demonstrations of mediumship since the early eighties giving freely of his time with unconditional love he is a regular geust at spiritual churches, police , fire brigade and hospital fund raises.

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