About Natural Spirit Lodge

Jason’s vision for a school for the gifted.

Natural spirit lodge is about sharing spirit wisdom and natural health with everyone on their path, whatever that may be, offering choices for ourselves and our loved ones and for our planet.

It is a place for like-minded people, a gathering of individual light-workers and healers, natural healthcare practitioners from around the world and around the corner with opportunities for self discovery, sharing with others, learning to celebrate life and strengthening our sense of connection with spirit.

Natural spirit lodge is about people helping each other along their path, it’s about sharing wisdom for a greater sense of wellbeing.

“I think the most important thing that any one of us can have is a sense of inner peace – a sense of living the life that we are destined to live.”

Our Professional Team

Where nature meets bliss

Jason McDonald

Jason McDonald

Psychic Medium


Try this little exercise: go to a park were there is a large garden bed of flowers and for a few moments visualize the bed filled with white light and love and then stand back to watch the people who stop and admire the flowers and notice the aura of those people.