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For Deep Relaxation

Welcome to Natural Spirit

Aloha ~ (‘joyful connection in the love energy’)

'Natural Spirit’ is about sharing spirit wisdom and natural health for greater clarity and an enhanced sense of well-being. It's for everyone on their path, whatever that may be, offering choices for ourselves, our loved ones and for our planet. The greatest step we can take to heal the world is to start within ourselves. Honour yourself by taking this step, and trust in the universe for guidance. This website is a connecting tool meant for those who were meant to see it. It comes to you with aloha from Spirit Whisperer, Jason McDonald. This website offers free sharing of spiritual wisdom, insight into developing your innate psychic and healing abilities, suggested reading and websites, Jason’s events calendar, resources and more.


The Office

Where nature meets bliss

Jason McDonald

Jason McDonald

Psychic Medium


Psychic Medium Show

Is a live demonstration of psychic mediumship Jason will share what he sees and hears giving detailed visions and messages to the general audience followed by a visualization guided meditation focused on psychic development.


Spirit Retreats

Every season Jason runs this retreat. Just like food nourishes the body, spirit retreat is designed to nurture the soul This two day live in weekend retreat is focused completely on you and your wellbeing and rejuvenation of the spirit, the weekend is spent in silence and reflection with healthy food and guided meditation, spiritual healing, massage, yoga or Kalana hula to help balance your beautiful body your powerful mind your loving emotions and your pure spirit.


Spirit Boot Camp

Once a year Jason takes time out of his schedule to teach those that are ready to take the step onto the spiritual path. This is a very intense four week online seminar. During this precious time you and I will be working together to create a strong spirit connection.

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