We are made up of energy our thoughts are energy our body is energy our spirits are energy. A good way to look at it is emotion = energy in motion, when we open up psychically you will realize we pick up all sorts of energy and messages from people we come in contact with we also tend to spread our energy out in lots of different directions and leave unfinished unresolved business in a place or with a person that can distort our energy and visions.

Most of us doing this work know the difference from our own energy and other people’s energy, but every now and then it is good to separate from past events and people these techniques will help cleanse and protect.

Cleansing will help you clarify and gather your own energy this will protect you by strengthening your energy field. This is a good exercise to do at the end of the day. Sit in a comfortable chair feet flat on the floor, hands on your lap and start to relax imagine a white light of protection pouring over you enlighten your charkas focus your attention on your heart and solar plexus centers. Breathe slowly and deeply find your natural rhythm of breath, imagine all the people you have emotionally or spiritually connected with through the day.Then visualize a ray of light or a ribbon of energy extending from your heart or solar plexus charka. Touching all that you have connected with, be aware of this energy going out into space and connecting to others. Now use your breath like a pump and begin to draw or wind back your energy, imagine the rays or ribbon of energy unplugging or disconnecting them then retracting back to your energy centers like a vacuum cleaner lead. Keep your intention on drawing only your own energy back. When you do this be aware that you feel more solid and energetic. When you have finished you will feel there is nothing more to draw back or pull in. Then breath and be aware of your body as you come back to the here and now. Stretch, breath in, exhale and open your eyes. If you find you are still thinking of a person ask you spirits to show you the lesson or what you may have over looked with your encounter after you have done that and you feel you still need to disconnect write the situation down on paper then burn it. From spirit to thought from thought to physical from physical to spirit. If it is a stubborn situation or person put the paper in the freezer for a while before you burn it.

The next exercise is complex it is also very powerful it can help resolve relationships that are troubling you, now or in the past, with a person or a group of people they can be alive or past into the spirit world you will be dealing with your energy and memory of the person not the actual person , this technique takes place in your astral field, and it helps you take back your power that you have projected or energy you have invested in others it will help you take responsibility for your own actions within any relationship and neutralize negative thought form that is in your astral body through your charkas . Before you start this visualization you need to choose the person or group you wish to disconnect with and have clear intention. Sit in a comfortable chair feet flat on the ground hands in your lap close your eyes and use your breath to relax your body, visualize a white light of protection enlighten your charkas focus on your heart charka and the pinky green energy visualize a smaller version of you resting in a bubble of light in your heart charka now see that bubble floating up in a pink beam of light then visualize the person or group you want to disconnect from floating in a small bubble in front of you now see the smaller version of you floating face to face with the other bubble now ask to be shown your energy links to that person through your charkas when you have seen that start cutting and disconnecting your energy remember only take bake your own energy starting at the base charka and moving to the crown some threads of energy or charka connections may be harder to disconnect from if you have trouble move onto the next charka and deal with the stubborn ones another time, when you have disconnected all the threads of energy see that person floating off in a pink bubble of light affirming that you forgive them and release them from your life, say good bye and watch them float off into the distance when they are gone from your vision and energy allow the image of you to be filled with love and energy from your heart and see that small vision of you in the bubble floating back to your heart center where it absorb all your love now see that image begin to expand slowly so the image of you in the bubble fits fully into your whole body and becomes intergraded with your energy field, take some deep breaths relax for a few moments then allow yourself to come back stretch gently then open your eyes, then give yourself a big hug this technique once a week or once a month or when you feel it is appropriate often when I do this the next day the person or group will cross my path or I will hear of them but the energy will be different because I have made the disconnecting. Gathering your energy from the past or major events in your life will help you focus in the now, remember energy flows where attention goes and now is the moment of power.

Psychic exercise – What you want and what you don’t want

I don’t make new year resolutions but I do get a clear idea of what I would like in my life and I honor my self by letting go of things that are negative or destructive to my higher-self personal growth and wellbeing . every year I go to the ocean and write, I write down first all the thing I want to let go of negative people, habits, emotions, thoughts or events that although helped me to grow is no long necessary to hang onto, when we look at all the thing we no longer want it gives us a better understanding of the things we do want. When I have finished my list I take it to the waters edge with my feet in the water and as I read each one feeling each one I let the waves wash them away feeling the water take the energy out into the ocean letting the smaller waves heal and release the past , shells and crystals are made of the same minerals and the sand is made of shell its like walking on a huge carpet of crystals when I have completed my list of things to let go of I do a sand scrub of my whole body to welcome in the newness and let the smaller waves caress me with the heali8ng e


Get a large blank piece of cardboard write the word now on the middle of it and stick pictures of the things you would like to have in your life this year I don’t like to stick pictures of people on it can bend their will and could be seen as black magic instead I put symbols of things you want erg I would draw stick figgers of my family and put a ring of protection around them or if I wanted love I would put a heart on he cardboard if you want fitness I would put I picture out of a magazine of an athlete running ,I would put pictures of my ancestors watching over me for guidance I would put a picture of a wizard with magical lights coming out of his hands for development or a beautiful angel with wings out starched for protection a boat or a plan for a holyday or a cut out of the destination I wanted form a travel brousure form the travel agent a picture of a house for a place to live I never ask for money when I do any form of manifestation just the things I want and then I leave it up to the universe to deliver if you ask for money you can block on so many levels for e.g. if you want one thousand dollars your mind and higher self would say I need to work this long or sell this many loafs of bread to get this amount of money so keep it simple and have faith knowing that you deserve anything in the world make your piece of art work as big or bright and colorful as you can with lots of sparkles and put it in a place in your home where you will see it often and every day look at it and give it permission to unfold into reality


Start your 2006 psychic journal this is a great way to keep track of your progress as wall as keep you on track with your commitment to developing your gifts go out to the shops with a mission to look for just the right book to do your journeying in I do this every year and some years I walk in and pick the first book up and it feel right other years it takes for eve3r and I need to look all over town, some years I make my own book to track my development , write your dreams down and all your meditations look for symbols that your spirits are showing you every psychic is different and you need to see what works best for you and see where you are making progress and stagnating

Development Buddy

One of the best whys to stay on track is with friends of like minds we all have friends that we connect with or have a psychic bond or people we know that are developing their gifts arrange to meet once a week and share your experiences or do a meditation together or to make a time where you sit and tune into each other and see through your visions and astral travel what is being worn by the other , or take turns one sits and focuses on something or looks at an object and the other tunes in on them and then ring up to see how you did. Or start your own meditation group, one psychic game I love to play with fiends is mystery envelope, you singe your name on a piece of paper seal it in an envelope put your friends envelope in a bag and shake and mix them up then every one in the group takes out en envelope holds it and tunes into it and then writes a message for the person on the envelop and then passes it around in a clock-wise direction until everyone has written on the envelope what is amazing about this exercise is that you give yourself a massage and that message can be very profound from your higher self,


Even after all these years with all I can do I am still growing, my grandmother used to say you are never too old to learn if your not to proud to be taught, and this saying has put me in good stead, I feel we should always have an open mind for growth, go to as many meditation groups, lectures, seminars , workshops , read books that will show you different ways to use your gifts and listen to others stories of development I feel if you are reading this you are already on the path of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.