Natural Spirit Lodge

Imagine yourself walking through a beautiful rainforest.

You feel comfortable and relaxed as you walk.

You notice the energy of the trees and the healing vibration of the earth.

See a path ahead and follow that path.

You soon notice you are in a special place, full of energy.

You see a very large tree and as you look upward to the tops of the trees you see the suns rays shining down through the rainforest canopy – shining down with beautiful golden rays of light.

Stand in the light and feel the energy floating down from above and as you look around you will see the auras of every tree and flower, animal and bird and butterfly.

When you have acknowledged the feeling of the energy, continue to walk along the path, noticing all the flowers and different colours.

Ahead on the path you see a clearing and a very bright rainbow just ahead of you.

Take a deep breath and start to walk slowly into the rainbow – first the red. As you step into the red light, feel the energy and light filtering through your body. If you can imagine yourself like a sponge, absorbing in the rays connecting you with everything around you.

When you have felt the energy, continue slowly to walk into the orange rays, feeling the difference from red to orange and feeling the vibration revitalize and energize your whole being.

Now step into the amazing vibration of yellow and feel the energy flowing over your body like a waterfall. Let it flow through you, clearing any old energy and emotion from your gut or stomach area. Feel the happiness of this colour replace any negativity.

Now step into the colour green and just take a moment to allow yourself to be healed and recharged from all the love and kindness you have shown to others.

Allow this energy to reconnect you with your heart and unconditional love from above.

As you take a step into the vibration of blue you may feel a coolness or a freshness in the energy.

Allow this energy to give you strength and power – strength to speak your truth and power to be the spiritual being that you are.

Allow yourself enough time to absorb the blue ray and then when you feel it is right, take a step into the colour purple – the colour of integrity, spirituality and psychic vision.

Allow this energy to flow from above, over your head, down over your arms, through your chest, down your torso, hips and legs, right to the tips of your toes.

Feel this energy expanding your aura.

Now take one more step into the pure white light and feel the connection expanding your awareness and filling your soul with pure essence.

Now take a step out of the rainbow’s vibration and see yourself glowing with energy, standing in a well maintained garden in the rainforest, listening to the song birds, feeling a slight breeze blowing on your face.

As you look around the garden you see a small, white temple with a healing bed in it.

Walk over and lie on the healing table and ask your guides and healing angels to share their presence with you.

As you allow yourself to relax, feel your guides’ hand on your shoulders, restoring and relaxing you.

Feel a healing rainbow flowing down from above through the roof and pouring over your body, letting each colour go where it is needed.

Allow yourself to fill with light and as you exhale let go and allow your aura to be filled with that light of each colour, allow yourself to stay here for as long as you desire.

When you feel yourself near completed, thank your guides for their help, step out from the temple, walk over to the edge of the garden and look back – knowing you can return any time.

Walk onto the path and as you step into the rainbow feel yourself being lifted up, up into the tree tops and feel yourself gently floating down through the colours – the colours of white, purple, blue, green, and pink. Start to feel your body as you move through the colour orange, then red.

Take a few deep breaths and be aware of your arms, legs and surroundings.

I do my meditation in a quiet, dimly lit room when I know I will not be disturbed. Meditation and visualization is the key to developing your clairvoyance – practice.